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  • Why you want to use apple cider vinegar on your hair!

    Aug 21 2016

    We are bombarded everyday by commercials with beautiful people and their long, shiny locks claiming that using their products will pr...

  • Kids in my kitchen!

    Aug 14 2016

                Meet my two handsome grandsons! Samuel is 6 and John Brooks is 20 months. They both love being at Nana and Bubby's (my husba...

  • Aging Beautifully!

    Aug 07 2016

    Don't we all want to age beautifully? Well, I do. I want to be just like Betty White I want to look as beautiful and have as much ene...

  • Why every home needs Epsom Salt!

    Jul 31 2016

    Do you have Epsom Salt in your home? If not, you should!  Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate which is a pure, time-tested minera...

  • The Benefits of Facial Steaming

    Jun 29 2016

    Facial Steaming is one of the most beneficial activities that you can do for your face. It is relaxing and rejuvenating, it increases c...

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