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Aging Beautifully!

Posted on August 07 2016

Don't we all want to age beautifully? Well, I do. I want to be just like Betty White I want to look as beautiful and have as much energy as she does when I am in my 90's!
In doing a lot of research I have found several ways to help us all do exactly that. In this blog we will explore several thing that we can begin to do today to help us now and far in the future.
There is no reason to spend a small fortune for risky high tech procedures or poisons to inject into our wrinkles, like botox. True beauty and healthy glowing skin comes from the inside out through healthy living. 
Our diets play the biggest role in our appearance and in our health. A great anti-aging diet is also a great anti-inflammatory diet! We will call it our Aging Beautifully Diet. Our Aging Beautifully Diet will begin by replacing saturated fats and processed foods with grass fed meats and poultry, wild caught cold water fish and seafood, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, organic eggs, healthy fats found in walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, pecans and cashews. The more colors that you can put on your plate the more antioxidants you are putting into your body. Antioxidants help slow the aging process and help to maintain your skins elasticity. Keep your kitchen stocked with colorful fruits and vegetables like, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and watermelon!
When I am back from my vacation in mid-August I am going to start the Whole 30 diet to completely eliminate processed foods from my diet, at least for 30 days. I encourage you to check in to it. Maybe we can form an online Whole 30 support group!
AVOID: Processed sugars, white flour, dairy food and all processed foods.
HYDRATE: We all know this one but few of us really drink the water that our bodies need to stay well hydrated. To stay hydrated a good rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight. Of course, if you are very active and if the heat is excessive, you will need to increase your water intake.
KICK THE BAD HABITS: If you smoke, stop! If you consume alcohol in excess, stop! If you use illegal drugs, stop! If you drink sodas, including diet, stop! I know breaking bad habits are not easy and I am not trying to act like they are, but if you want to life the best life that you can for as long as you can, then breaking these habits are vitally important. My nemesis is Diet Coke! I have a major LOVE/HATE relationship with Diet Coke and I am determined to break this terrible habit. I hate coffee so Diet Coke is my caffeine. I am going to be breaking this caffeine habit when I get back from vacation in mid-August, 2016. I will have about 3 days of migraine like headaches and then it will be ok. I am certainly not looking forward to this process but it is not an option for my health goals.
TAKE COD LIVER OIL: You can get it in liquid or capsules. I take the liquid Cod Liver Oil every morning. Cod liver oil is full of essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin but also contain vitamins A and D, which are fundamental for good overall health. Make sure to purchase a high quality oil and read the label to make sure that it actually comes from cod. I personally use Garden of Life, Olde World Icelandic Cod Live Oil, Lemon Mint Flavor. I take 1 teaspoon in the morning before drinking my chicken bone broth.
USE NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS AND REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE TO TOXIC SUBSTANCES: Many of you don't know that Summer Shade Soap Company was founded after the death of my sister, Dr. Sherry Hamilton. For 27 years Sherry was an E.R. physician in Indianapolis. Over those 27 years she was convinced that the rise in terminal and chronic illness is directly linked to the toxins in our food supply, the products that we put on and into our bodies and the products that we bring into our homes. Sherry died in 2012 of breast cancer. The last several years of her life she eliminated as many toxins as possible in her life and she lived at least 3 years longer than any doctor thought was possible. It was for this reason that Stephen & I started researching how to make products that are all natural without harsh chemical. Now Summer Shade Soap Company offers our customers bath, body and home cleaning products that will eliminate many toxins in your home. We continually strive to introduce new products to help you in this endeavor that you can trust to be safe for your families.
PROTECT AGAINST THE SUN: Of course, we all know the dangers that are caused by the sun but let us not forget the benefits of sun exposure. Our bodies receive vitamins D and K from sun exposure. The key is to make sure that we are blocking UV and UVB rays from damaging our skin. Also, excessive sun exposure is not healthy. Always use a good broad spectrum sunscreen of at least and SPF 15 or higher when you are outside. 
EXERCISE FOR FIRMER SKIN TONE: When you exercise and become fit your circulatory system works to deliver more blood supply and oxygen to your tissue and skin. Firm muscles equals less cellulite. Even walking for 30 minutes 3 times per week will help you. Remember hydrate more when you exercise. Dehydrated skin sags and no one wants to see that!
LEARN TO MAKE CHICKEN BONE BROTH: I make homemade chicken broth every week in my Instant Pot that I got at Amazon! It is quick and easy, only a few hours. If you really have the time though I would recommend that you check out and take there FREE class on how to make chicken broth the old fashioned way. They also have a ton of information and online classes on learning how to cook real food and eliminate processed foods from your diet. I have learned a ton from them! 
I drink a cup of chicken bone broth every morning with 1 heaping tablespoon of Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin. You can't even taste the gelatin and it is terrific for joint care. You can purchase this online or at most health food stores.
SOAK IN A WARM EPSOM SALT BATH AT LEAST 3 TIMES PER WEEK: Please read my blog post on the benefits of epsom salt for exact benefits and instructions on this.
USE A DRY BRUSH ON YOUR SKIN AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK: I purchased a natural bristle brush on Amazon for about $15. Several times per week before you get into the shower or bath, brush your skin in small circular motions for at least 2 minutes (not more that 4). Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and improves circulation. After your shower or bath be sure to towel dry and then use a great moisturizer like Summer Shade Soap Company's Body Lotions!
If you do not want to shower or bathe but want to exfoliate and moisturize your skin you can use our Body and Foot Scrubs anywhere except your face. Just rub on the scrub, allow to sit for a few minutes, lightly scrub, rinse off completely and then pat your skin dry. No need for extra moisturzers!
TAKE A TURMERIC SUPPLEMENT OR EAT TURMERIC: I take a Curcumin (turmeric) supplement every morning. Curcumin has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It even helps prevent acne and sun damage.
DRINK GREEN TEA: After vacation and I kick my Diet Coke habit, I plan on making water and green tea my 2 beverages. Green tea combats cancer through the antioxidant, polyphenol. It also protects your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays and helps prevent skin tumors. Drinking 5 to 6 cups of green tea a day helps your skin, your body and your mind.
MEDIATE: Learning to mediate and practicing it daily helps reduce the signs of aging, helps you feel connected, increases your attention span, improves your quality of sleep, helps elevate stress, helps brain function and increases your immunity, just to name a few benefits.
I hope this helps you with a few ideas to start your journey of aging beautifully!
I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas here! Let's all help each other!


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