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Kids in my kitchen!

Posted on August 14 2016


Meet my two handsome grandsons! Samuel is 6 and John Brooks is 20 months. They both love being at Nana and Bubby's (my husband, Kendall) house and we love having them with us whenever possible. Running a business from our home, having 3 dogs and people in and out all of the time presents great challenges in keeping my kitchen uncluttered! As a matter of fact, most of the time there are remnants of soap making all over the place but time in the kitchen with my grandson's is priceless!

There are so many benefits for children to be in the kitchen working alongside of you. Our kitchens are classrooms for kid! Like any classroom, projects for kids need to age appropriate. Samuel is allowed to do some tasks without my assistance while John Brooks has to have my undivided attention at all times. Samuel takes directions well and John Brooks just likes to have his hands in everything all of time. With Samuel we can work on reading and vocabulary by reading the instructions of a simple recipe. He learns the names of the tools involved and how to spell the ingredients. He is very good at sounding out words and is proud of himself when he gets the words right. Samuel loves using the measuring tools (ie. measuring spoons and measuring cups). He builds his math skills by learning addition and fractions. He learns science by learning that baking soda and yeast help baked goods rise and that flour and eggs bind thing together. He love adding baking soda in vinegar to see the volcanic eruption! I only let him do small eruptions though!

Getting a child to help you with meal planning will help teach your child about nutrition and help start your child on a path to a healthy lifestyle. Better yet, take you child to your local farmers market with your meal plan in hand and discuss the different foods, where they come from, the importance that buying local food helps our local economy and how real, clean food nourishes your body. Some farmers will even allow you to bring your children to their farms to see exactly where the food come from. These are life lessons in themselves!

If you are worried about the mess kids make in the kitchen, get over it! The memories that you are making with the children in your life far out way any inconvenience of clean up! The talking, exploring, laughing, flour throwing and memories of making cookies with your grandchildren will create bonds that will last a lifetime! 

Here are some great websites to help you get creative with your kids in the kitchen:

Do a little planning, grab the kids and get in the kitchen!


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