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Smells so good

I bought the soaps for gifts so haven't used them, but they sure smell good! I was impressed with the packaging and beautiful inserts. Love your company.

Summer Shade soap

It is the only soap I use.

The soap that keeps on giving...

My bath is always the best place to be in my home! Thanks Summer Shade Soapery For carefully picking the natural ingredients in all of your products!!

Laundry is a breeze...

Even though I will miss the gentle fragrance of lavender, I can understand ones adversion to smells in their laundry. Keep up the grand performance, this is still one of my favorite local brands!!!

Love all the soaps.

Great products.

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Herbal Detox Shampoo Bar

Detoxify and condition hair with herbs and olive oil. Our Herbal Detox Shampoo Bar is made using olive oil infused with lavender and rosemary, apple cider vinegar, menthol crystals and essentials oils. Our signature blend of botanicals and oils help relieve dry, itchy scalp and may promote hair growth.

**Note: Your hair will feel different the first week of using our Herbal Detox Shampoo Bar as the soap works the toxins out of your hair. We recommend not using this product with conditioner. Your scalp will thank you.


Directions: Wet your hair thoroughly and rub the Herbal Detox Shampoo Bar directly onto your hair until you have the desired amount of lather. Gently massage the lather into your hair and scalp, allowing it to set on your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing the lather completely.

Ingredients: Rosemary and lavender infused olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, rice bran oil, ground menthol, sodium lactate, proprietary essential oil blend.

Net Weight 6 oz. (170.1g)

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Herbal detox shampoo bar

This product is awesome

Your products are awesome!

"Your products are awesome!! A trusted friend highly recommended your soaps so I went to the website to check you out. It was hard to decide on one, so I bought several different soaps a d your shampoo bar. Not only am I now recommending you to friends, I plan to be a customer for a very long time! "

Love your products!

I love the scent of the lavender products! I have to rave about the Detox Shampoo bar. It is some serious shampoo. I've tried other natural shampoos and felt that they left my hair feeling limp and oily. This is NOT the case with the Detox Shampoo Bar. My hair feels healthy and vibrant after using the bar. I am also impressed with how long the bar lasts.

Love it!

I've thought about trying a shampoo bar for awhile. I'm glad I found Summer Shade. The shampoo bar is amazing! It only took my hair about a week to adjust and now my hair is soft and the natural curl is amazing. I would highly recommend.

My hair feels awsome!

It's only been a day since I tied the products but i can already tell a the difference in my skin tone, appearance, as well as my hair! I knew I was going to love it but I'm such a believer now! So incredibly excited to be a life time member! I'm already telling others about it!